Open Group English Classes


Take part in a collective group class. These Group English Classes are geared towards the overall objectives of your level, such as first-contact English needed to manage simple daily interactions, to advanced English required to interact in advanced social and professional environments. Taking lessons with new students is an excellent way to expand your confidence in your language skills and meet new people. A dedicated language coach adapts course materials to the group’s objectives and paces them to their needs, ensuring optimal learning outcomes.

Quick results

Open Group English classes enable you to maximize learning time and reach your language goals efficiently.

Offices in Geneva center

Take your English classes in our offices at 07 rue des Alpes. We’re a 5-minute walk from Cornavin station and a minute walk from the Mont-Blanc bridge.

Level – Beginner to advanced

Whether you’re a complete beginner or an advanced student, we tailor our English language courses to the collective requirements of your group.

Group English Classes, Courses, English, French, lessons, language course

Group English Language Courses

Private language classes, group courses, flexible hours, English, French, Vaud, Geneva

Small Group Language Courses (2 People)

From 100 CHF / hour

(starting at 50.00 CHF per person)

The course is adapted to the group’s overall objectives. Objectives are established from the first day, and lessons are adapted to fit the participants’ needs. Students, separated into groups of two or three, are active 100 percent of the class and speak for at least 30 percent of each class.

Private language classes, flexible hours, English, French

Group Language Courses (3-4)

From 120 CHF / hour

(starting at 30.00 CHF per person)

The course is adapted to the group’s overall objectives. Objectives are established from the first day, and lessons are adapted to fit the participants’ needs. Students, separated into groups of two or three, are active 100 percent of the class and speak for at least 30 percent of each class.

Why choose open English language classes?

Tailored group instruction:

Benefit from a collaborative and diverse learning environment with participants from various backgrounds. Experienced English language coaches adapt lessons to the collective needs and varied learning styles within the group.

Collective progress:

This collaborative approach allows your group to progress together, fostering a supportive learning environment. Classes are adjusted to fit the group’s needs and pace of learning.

Build confidence speaking in front of others:

Learning English can be challenging, and open group classes provide an ideal setting to build confidence collectively. Improve your ability to communicate with others in an open group setting. Build the confidence to speak English in public.

Central class location:

All open group classes are held in our Geneva office, providing a centralized and convenient location for participants. Our offices are a 5-minute walk from Cornavin station and a minute walk from the Pont du Mont-Blanc.

Our Approach

Course Features

  • English Language Proficiency Assessment
  • Structured Group Lessons
  • Exercices de mises en situation (travail, supermarché, pharmacie…)
  • Personalized Feedback
  • Group Speaking Activities
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speak, speak, and speak some more: Participants begin speaking English together from the first class. Exercises are structured to help the group develop spoken proficiency based on their collective level and objectives. The key to improving spoken ability in English is active practice, which is precisely what your group will do.
  • English Language Proficiency Assessment: Come to our offices, and we can do a free assessment of your current proficiency in English. Based on this assessment, we’ll recommend the group course best adapted to your level.
  • Structured Group Lessons: Our lessons cover various components of acquiring the English language, including vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, and group communication.

Open English Language Classes FAQ:

Private Group Courses:

Private group courses are initiated and organized by the participants themselves. Whether it’s a circle of friends, colleagues, or couples, they take charge of forming a group and decide on the schedule, which they then coordinate with us. Even though there are multiple participants, the group functions collectively as one entity, with the administration and coordination responsibilities shared among its members.

Open Group Courses:

On the other hand, open group courses are initiated and managed by us. Participants express their interest in joining a group, and we take care of organizing and centralizing the course schedule. Each participant communicates with us individually, and we streamline the process by consolidating all relevant information, ensuring a unified and efficient approach to course coordination.

We have a set of language levels. Total beginner (0/A1), beginner(A1/A2), Low intermediary (A2/B1), etc. We will place you in one of these classes following a language proficiency test.

In some cases, we may suggest that you take several private classes to bring you up to level with a higher group. This will allow you to start from a more challenging level.

It can be discouraging for language course participants to be in a class with various levels. Those at the lower levels will feel discouraged and intimidated by those at a higher level, and those at the higher level risk getting rather bored if the class level is not adapted to their level.

Yes and no: we aim to put students with similar objectives into the same groups to offer flexibility. But we cannot focus on one student over another. When we evaluate your level, we also take this time to understand your specific objectives. Depending on your level, goals, and the class schedule you would like to follow, we can place you with a student(s) with similar objectives. However, given that the group is an open class, unless the class agrees, we can’t gear the objectives to a particular person; the classes will have to fit more general objectives.

2 to 4 students.

This number is ideal to ensure optimal teacher attention. For a group of 4, the class will be divided into two groups, speaking simultaneously during group activities. This creates an environment with quite a lot of noise. This group size permits the language coach to offer dedicated advice to students throughout each lesson.

With groups of 2 to 4, there is more flexibility to gear the class toward participants’ objectives. The larger the group gets, the more global we must make the training.

For open group classes, the class schedule is determined at the start of the course and is fixed.

Standard bank holidays: Classes follow the standard Geneva bank holiday schedule.

School holidays/work holidays: Unless agreed upon before starting courses, we cannot freeze open group classes for personal holidays. In some cases, we can place you in a group with people who may have similar requests for holidays (such as children’s school holidays). In these cases, we can plan the course schedule around them. But this is on a case-to-case basis.

The start date of Open group courses (2+ students) depends on the group formation date. This relies on the participants’ schedule, the participants’ level, and whether participants want to start a class of 2, 3, or 4 people. In some cases, students may have to wait 3 to 4 weeks to start courses; in others, students may be able to start almost immediately. The best is to call us or send us an email.

7 am to 8 pm.

Morning courses are organized from 7 am, and the last class starts at 7 pm and ends towards 8 pm. Classes are typically organized from Monday to Friday.

Groups of 2: Yes: While we believe in the effectiveness of in-person classes, online classes provide a convenient alternative for one or two students.

Groups 3 +: No. Beyond two people, optimizing class time online becomes challenging, and we cannot guarantee consistent course quality.

English: All levels. We teach students with little to no knowledge of the language to students with an advanced level who need to polish off their language skills or who may need help improving areas such as presentation skills.

French: All levels. We offer language instruction to students with varying proficiency levels, ranging from those with no or little knowledge of French to those with advanced skills seeking to improve their language skills.

Spanish: Coming soon.

To see significant progress in fluency, we recommend a minimum of 40 hours of study spread out over two to three months. Learning English is a process, and you need to leave time to assimilate information properly.

0 to low A2: 40 / 60 hours study – (2 to 3 months + basic use of the language outside class)

A2-B1: 50/70 hours study (2 to 3 months + regular use of language outside class)

B1-B2: 100/150 hours (2 to 3 months + regular use of language outside class)

B2-C1: This is on a case-to-case basis, but passing to a C1 level requires students to make the language part of their daily routine. We can help students on the journey to progress to this level, but it’s hard to quantify the time needed as a lot of this depends on their commitment to using the language regularly.

Contact us today and schedule a free discovery session.