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The objective of the unit is to familiarize students with the most common forms of politeness, as well as the vocabulary necessary to ask for, and supply, an article in a shop.

Hours: Approximately 5 hours

Unit Objectives:

  1. By the end of the unit, the student should:
    • Be familiar with the essential vocabulary to ask for a simple article in a shop. The student should be able to provide necessary details such as size and color and ask for the price of the article.
    • Be familiar with the vocabulary necessary to supply a simple article in a shop. The student should be able to ask for details from a client, such as size and color, and provide them with the price of an item.
    • Be familiar with, and be able to use, standard forms of politeness.
    • Be able to read and write simple requests to ask and answer questions about an article's description and price.
    • Hold a conversation by describing someone else's experience purchasing an item in a shop.
  2. The exercises present students with a range of vocabulary necessary to ask for simple articles in a shop or to interact with a client. Students are encouraged to build the language required for their daily needs through various conversational exercises. 

Associated exercises:

  • Numbers exercise: 100-900
  • Numbers exercise: 1,000-1,000,000
  • Role Play

Concert listening – Pat and the steak

Role Play Game – The store catalogue

Cue Cards – The Market – Part 1

Cue Cards – In a Store – Part 1

Cue Cards – The Market – Part 2

Cue Cards – In a Store – Part 2

The key themes see in this Unit are: 

  • Office spaces
  • Job interviews
  • Talking about your day
  • Modal verbs: Can, could

  • Present tense - stative verbs: Like

  • Forming questions with Present simple: Do you like…?

  • Interrogative pronouns: what, when

  • Verbs of like and dislike: I would like

  • Present tense imperative: Ask/tell

  • Prepositions of place: In, at, on

  • Present simple tense affirmative: To be, cost, there is/there are, have

  • Adjectives vs. adverbs: i.e. suddenly

  • Present simple – interrogative/affirmative: To be, to do, can

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