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Yes. We offer a 15-day free trial. You have complete access to your chosen account and courses for fifteen days. You can cancel your subscription without incurring any fees during your trial period.

Teacher and school accounts include a one-hour consultation to help you get started. This free consultation provides you with additional information to begin teaching the course and to answer your question.

We offer various consulting services to help you with your teaching structure. These include consultations to introduce you to the method and best practices, refresher courses, or other specific requests you may have. Contact us to explain what you need.

Students and teachers use the language of the lesson. If you are taking an English lesson, the teacher will provide instructions in English; if you are taking a French class, instructions will be provided in French. For the beginner levels, the teacher may alternate with the native language of the student to make sure they understand the content. However, when possible, the teacher will use gestures and images rather than switching to another language that is not the language being learned.

The method was first conceptualized in the early 1970s and was developed over decades by prominent linguists and neuroscientists. It was designed, tested, and applied in an international environment. Students included employees of international organizations, diplomatic missions in Switzerland, global 500 companies, and private individuals.

The method was created by experts from a diverse set of disciplines. The heart of the method was developed by a team of prominent linguists specializing in various fields of linguistics. Experts in phonetics and phonology worked with experts in syntax, grammar, and pragmatics, to research and build a course focused on helping students acquire languages naturally in record times.

Over three years, starting in 2019, MyLinguistics Sàrl worked on digitalizing the method previously in book and CD format. Digitalization also included substantial content modernization to ensure that the language is adapted to our current context. Since the 1970s, language has evolved. New vocabulary exists, and grammar trends and social constructs have shifted. Digitalization also needed to integrate these changes to ensure students use and acquire pertinent and contemporary language.

No. The heart of the method revolves around human interactions. Students will always work in groups of two or three. Students do not work alone by interacting with a machine. Communication, this is to say speaking, is a distinctively human trait. This is done between people and not with a screen. Students need to feel comfortable speaking to other people, not machines.

Students use the digital format as they would have used a book: as a tool to help them move forwards in the class. The heart of the method gravitates around communication between groups of people.

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