Private French Classes


Are you interested in learning French, refreshing your language skills, or advancing to a higher proficiency level? Our private French language classes are tailored to meet your unique objectives and schedule. Practice speaking with a dedicated French coach and customize your classes to suit your specific requirements, such as presentation skills.

Flexible schedule

Create a class calendar adapted to your schdule.

Quick results

Private French classes enable you to optimize your learning time and achieve your language goals in a limited timeframe.

On-site classes

Choose your preferred course location: our offices in Geneva centre or a place that fits your schedule.

Level – Beginner to advanced

Whether you’re a complete beginner or an advanced student, we adapt our French language courses to your needs.

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Private French Language Classes

Private French courses (1 person)

From 100 CHF / hour

Are you looking to learn French, quickly refresh your skills, or take your current proficiency further? We will discuss your objectives and create a tailored learning plan to meet your needs and schedule. Practice speaking French with a dedicated teacher and adjust classes to fit your specific requirements, such as practicing presentations.

Why take private French language courses?

Personalized instruction:

With private classes, you receive personalized attention from experienced French language tutors who adapt the lessons to your specific needs and learning style.

Progress at your pace:

This personalized approach allows you to progress at your own pace, ensuring efficient and effective learning. Classes are adapted to fit your needs and pace of learning.

Build confidence in a private setting:

Learning French can be challenging, and private classes offer an ideal setting to help break past this barrier. Build the confidence to speak French in public.

On-site classes: 

Organize lessons in our Geneva offices or directly in a location of your choosing. Your French language coach can go directly to your place of work, home, or another place of your choice.

Our Approach

Course Features

  • French Language Proficiency Assessment
  • Structured Lessons
  • Personalized Feedback
  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • FIDE preparation
  • Speak, speak, and speak some more: participants start speaking French from the first class. Exercises are structured to help you develop your spoken proficiency according to your level and objectives. The only way to improve your spoken ability in French is by speaking it. And this is precisely what you’ll do.
  • French Language Proficiency Assessment: Before we begin, we assess your current French language proficiency to determine the appropriate starting point for your preparation journey. We will also continue to measure your level as you progress.
  • Structured Lessons: Our structured lessons cover the different components of acquiring the French language, including vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, and oral communication.
  • Personalized content: Vocabulary and conversations are adapted to fit your specific background.

Private French Language Classes FAQ:

We work with a 24-hour cancellation policy, offering significant flexibility to fit your personal or professional schedule. Classes can be organized weekly, or a regular class schedule can be reserved months in advance.

While the class price for a single student is higher than for multiple students, the flexibility of the class schedule can ultimately save you money. Whether you need to go on a work trip, holidays, or attend to family matters, your class schedule will be put on hold at no extra cost.

Classes can start almost immediately. Sometimes, it may take a week or so to fit your courses into your French language coach’s schedule, but overall, classes can start quickly.

7 am to 8 pm.

Morning courses are organized as from 7 am, and the last class starts at 7 pm and ends towards 8 pm. Classes are usually organized from Monday to Friday.

Yes. Contact us, and we can work on a personalized plan.

We can. We strongly believe that the best class format is the in-person class format. However, online classes offer an efficient second option for classes of one or two students. Beyond two people, it becomes difficult to optimize class time, and we can’t ensure a good and consistent course quality.

Can private French language lessons help with specific language skills like speaking or writing?

Absolutely. Depending on your goals, private lessons can be tailored to focus on specific language skills. Our primary classes are designed to help you improve speaking and comprehension; if you need to enhance areas such as writing or spelling, classes can be shifted in this direction. The personalized nature of private lessons allows you to address your unique French language learning needs.

English: All levels. We teach students with little to no knowledge of the language to students with an advanced level who need to polish off their language skills or who may need help improving areas such as presentation skills.

French: All levels. We offer language instruction to students with varying proficiency levels, ranging from those with no or little knowledge of French to those with advanced skills seeking to improve their language skills.

Spanish: Coming soon.

To see significant progress in fluency, we recommend a minimum of 40 hours of study spread out over two to three months. Learning English is a process, and you need to leave time to assimilate information properly.

0 to low A2: 40 / 60 hours study – (2 to 3 months + basic use of the language outside class)

A2-B1: 50/70 Hours Study (2 to 3 months + regular use of language outside class)

B1-B2: 100/150 hours (2 to 3 months + regular use of language outside class)

B2-C1: This is on a case-to-case basis, but passing to a C1 level requires students to make the language part of their daily routine. We can help students on the journey to progress to this level, but it’s hard to quantify the time needed as a lot of this depends on their commitment to using the language regularly.

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